August 2016

Some information about the ANALOG FET/RACK Limiter DIY project and project files. The opinions expressed are my own; use at your own risk.
Please do not copy and repost these photographs or link directly to them from my server.



A couple of years ago Mike and I spoke about doing an update to the FET Limiter DIY project. We wanted to make something more DIY friendly that approached the project as a whole rather than as a PCB + case.

In spite of its minuscule size, the previously released FET/500 series gives builders relatively few problems. We've surmised that this is because of the minimal wiring required for that build. So we tried to eliminate the wiring in the rack version as well.


The result is the new FET/RACK. We've gone back to make the build more original. The audio transformers mount directly on the main PCB. All front panel controls mount directly on PCBs that are either attached to the main board or snap into place using the supplied JST connectors.

Input and output XLRs mount directly to the main PCB. We've even returned to the original shunt zener power supply and EI power transformer.

The wiring of the unit, which used to take hours, can now be done in a matter of minutes.

An optional Active Link PCB snaps to the side of the main PCB, eliminating the sometimes confusing wiring associated with the original design. The Active Link allows the FET/RACK to stereo link to a Purple Audio MC77 or another similarly equipped FET/RACK while the standard passive link allows stereo connection with an original 1176 with an 1176 SA adapter or two FET/RACKs with matched GR FETs.

The new ANALOG FET/RACK is available exclusively from Hairball Audio

Please post any build questions not answered in the documentation on this page, the 1176 FAQ or on Hairball Audio's site to the Official FET/RACK Help Thread.