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I occasionally record stuff and every once and a while get around to posting some of it here. The songs are in the mp3 format and playable directly from your computer with all the usual stuff or upload them to your portable mp3 player.

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15 September 2003
modified 26 January 2006
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Jim Brusseau


peak and the metersBack around 1993 in the San Francisco Bay Area there was a band called Drug. They were playing various local clubs and had recorded a set of great demos with Bart Thurber at the now-defunct house of faith in Palo Alto (since apparently relocated to Oakland). Most anyone who was around the Bay Area at that time will recall house of faith as one of the best places for struggling bands to record. It was also one of the most atmospheric studios around.

Jim Brusseau did most of the songwriting and provided a great foundation for the inventive guitar style of Igor Abuladze, who had earlier immigrated from Georgia. Dave Conrad completed the trio on drums.

Drug recorded a self-titled album at 9001 Hwy 17, a studio I helped put together in the Santa Cruz mountains. Matt Murman, who at the time worked at Different Fur and had been second engineer on Mr. Bungle's debut album, engineered most of the tracks. I recorded and mixed two songs that appeared on the album.

Just before the release of their CD, a decision was made to leave off several tracks they had recorded at our studio. I felt they were some of their best songs.

Here's an unreleased track called Long Way Down. Matt Murman recorded this track but I remixed it to give myself the opportunity to try out my Weak Joe Compressor. I used this experimental device extensively to try to breathe some life back into the digitally recorded tracks. Maybe I actually ended up smashing the hell out of them. You be the judge.

Drug - Long Way Down (remix).

Drug - Long Way Down (Matt Murman's original mix).

Igor Abuladze

Igor Abuladze

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