1176 Troubleshooting, Operation and Building FAQ
  1. Question: I've built my 1176 but it's not working...
  2. Q: There seems to be less compression in the 20:1 setting than at 4:1. Is this normal?
  3. Q: The attack and release knobs on my build seem to work in reverse. Is that normal?
  4. Q: When in Gain Reduction mode, the meter is constantly drifting from zero over time. What's the problem?
  5. Q: When I push all ratio buttons 'in' the meter in Gain Reduction mode pins to the right. Is that normal?
  6. Q: As the output knob is rotated clockwise, at some point the VU meter pegs. There is noise from the output when the meter slams to the right. Is that normal?
  7. Q: I can't complete the Gain Reduction Meter Tracking Adjustment. The trim pot seems to run out of range.
  8. Q: What are the * component values on the Rev J G1176-type boards you sell? Which components do I need to put in my board?
  9. Q: Which components can I eliminate if I want to use the optional OEP or Lundahl input transformer on my Rev J 1176?
  10. Q: Why are there two pad 18s on the Rev J board?
  11. Q: How do I stereo link two 1176 boards?
  12. Q: So now how do I match FETs to make a stereo 1176?
  13. Q: Do you have boards in stock? How much is shipping?